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At one time, years ago, these hills were carpeted with poppies. As between the destructive forces and the will “to live,” the poppies maintained an equilibrium with their environment.

-Jack London

In the 1880's there were only seven houses in an area of Oakland called Piedmont. On January 26, 1907, 118 men who owned land in Piedmont voted to officially become a city. According to the Piedmont Historical Society "Some people were unhappy with the decision and another election was held in September of 1907. One-hundred fifty-five men voted then, and Piedmont became a city because of just 10 votes!" During the Roaring Twenties, Piedmont was known as the 'City of Millionaires' because there were more millionaires per square mile than in any city in the United States. But between the 1880s and the millionaires there was a booming bohemian artist colony. This site is about those Bourgeoisie Bohemians (bobos/bohos) who ran footloose in the foothills with the golden Crowd.

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